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Gone are the days when getting published in a leading architecture magazine was a big thing. It is now about being a productive part of the shared flow of information via the internet, and a good website helps you in achieving that. Web design services help you in effectively sharing all the content around your architecture on a single platform – one that can help you reach out to a larger target audience and build a community of followers in your field of work.

Quality and affordable web design services

As pointed above, a website can help you in reaching out to a broad target audience. But unlike other modes of promoting your services, web design services are quite affordable and offer a high return on your investment. Thus, you can easily offer your services to a large number of people by just putting up a great website (we’ll also discuss how to build one later).

We build your website on a WordPress platform that offers a user-friendly interface along with great flexibility and power. There are over twenty responsive themes to pick from, which ensures that your visitors a great user experience irrespective of the machine they’re using. The website you’ll get from us are SEO friendly and designed to suit your taste and preferences – right from your logo to the accent color will be used based on your liking. And to make sure that all these work without any fuss, you get easy to understand tutorial videos along with complete support to ensure your website performs well.

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Doing it yourself? We can still be of help!

We understand that you may want to do things your own way, rather than hiring web design services. Don’t worry; we can still help you out with that. We have a large collection of resource pages that can help you in installing WordPress and choosing the best theme for your website, here.

Now regardless of whether you wish to build your website yourself or get it done by availing web design services, choosing the right web hosting service decides how well your website performs. It one of the most critical factors that decide how good or bad your website is. If you go for a good web hosting service, your users enjoy a great user experience which eventually converts into more profits for you. On the other hand, a poor web hosting service can effectively ruin the hard work that went through in putting up the website. So, unless you wish to turn your visitors away, go for a reliable web hosting service!

What are the options before me?

There are a large number of web hosting companies out there on the internet, each claiming to be the best in the field. So, choosing the right option can be a tricky case. To help you out with that, we came up with these two amazing web hosting companies that you can completely rely on for hosting your website.

InMotion Hosting

cheap hosting serviceInMotion Hosting has made a name for itself in the field of web hosting, thanks to the effective and reliable services it has on offer for its clients. And as the name right suggests, it keeps your website “in motion”, thanks to its 99.99% uptime which ensures your site stays up all the time. The best part about InMotion Hosting is that it can be scaled to suit your site’s requirements.

WP Engine

WPengine Web hostingAnother great web hosting solution out here, WP Engine is specifically designed for WordPress based websites. It offers a reliable, speedy, secure and efficient platform for hosting your website. Last but not the least, WP Engine allows users to blog using its platform without having to go through programming jargon at all.

If you wish to expand your reach as a professional architect, we are here to help you achieve that. Contact us right away and give us a chance to help you do that effectively!


hosting-servicesSiteGround gives you everything that you would wish for from a web hosting platform. The best part about this is the unique user area that has been designed which makes account management completely easy and fun. There’s an added panel called the cPanel with lots of unique functionalities for you to enjoy.