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WordPress is the most popular content management systems and it currently powers over 70 million websites on the internet. It’s not the popularity however that makes it ideal for building architect websites.

It comes packed with great features that offer super flexibility and awesome functionalities other CMS don’t have. If you were considering using a different platform for your web design needs, here are a few reasons why WordPress is a darling for many developers and why you too should love it and use it:

WordPress Is Free

WordPress Is FreeDespite the great features and the versatility that WordPress possess, it is absolutely free to download and use. Besides, it is an open source implying that its code is available for developers to modify as they wish so that they can increase what they can achieve with the platform.

This feature alone makes it efficient for web designers to accomplish a number of capabilities in a short period of time without expending too many resources.

Works Well with Different Kinds of Content

WordPress is essentially a content management and it works so well with different types of content. Whether it is images, text, videos or audios, it will make it a breeze for organize and display in the websites.

This is good news when considering architect web designs since architects do have a number of content may wish to display on their websites. For instance, they may be interested in displaying videos of their projects, various construction plans or even the images showing the progress on some of the projects they are undertaking. WordPress makes displaying such types of content a piece of cake.

It Is Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine FriendlySearch engines love WordPress websites because it is very efficient in organizing and displaying different kinds of content. And since content is still king as far as search engine ranking is concerned, WordPress websites will mostly rank higher than the other types of websites leading increased exposure of the business hence more traffic. Therefore, if you need good search rankings for the architect websites, you are better off using WordPress in designing it.

It Has Great Opportunities for Extensibility

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes for architects and plugins that can be used to greatly extend the functionality and the capabilities of the websites. This allows for a lot of customization enabling the website to provide relevant features and functionalities to the users. Again this extensibility makes it possible to change the appearance of the site and have very stunning looks even if you have no knowledge of code.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile FriendlyWordPress websites are also mobile friendly. With the number of users accessing the internet using mobile devices on the rise, designing the architect websites using WordPress provides you with the ability to get a share of the huge mobile traffic. This will ultimately lead to an increase in site visitors and consequently leads and more business.

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